Looking for The Perfect Car Seats

It’s normal to be paranoid and extra cautious about our baby’s safety. If we could only put them in a bubble wrap so we could be sure they would not be hurt, we would. So, to be anxious about the perfect car seat is normal because we only want what is best and safe for our little bundle of joy.

The perfect car seat should not only keep our baby safe; it should also be easy to install, with plenty of legroom, ideal for our baby’s age and height and with side impact protection.

Easy to Install

We all have seen movies where the new and first-time parents have difficulty installing car seat for their babies and you begin to wonder if this actually happens in real life or they are just exaggerating it in the movies.

But, there really are car seats that are not easy to install and there are times when it’s because the car is not suitable to the specifications of the car seat, although most car seats are general in their blueprints. To avoid purchasing the wrong car seat, notify the salesperson and if possible, bring the vehicle when you do your shopping so if you are having any difficulties installing it, they could show you how to properly do it.

With Plenty of Legroom

Some Baby Car Seats could grow with your baby into their toddler years so you have to keep this in mind when you purchase one. You would not want your baby turned toddler to be uncomfortable with little legroom. Make sure that the car seat is adjustable in height and how far it could be reclined. When they have outgrown the car seat and are uncomfortable while seating in it, they might not want to use it and that is very unsafe.

Ideal for The Baby’s Age and Height

Similar to having plenty of legroom, the car seat should also be ideal for the baby’s age and height because they might be uncomfortable in it or the seat might not be able to provide them safety and security. If the car seat is designed for bigger babies or toddlers, your baby might not be secured in it and might be flung out of the car seat when you make a sharp turn. So, together with the specification that the car seat is easy to install and with plenty of legroom, it should also be appropriate for your baby’s age and height.

Side Impact Protection

Perhaps one of the most important features that you must not overlook is the car seat’s side impact protection. When you got involved in a car accident (God forbid), the car seat must be able to protect your baby from all sides because you would not have any means to know where your vehicle would be hit. So, a car seat with side impact protection is recommended.

Ideally, you would want to purchase a car seat that is tested and approved by either the ECE R44 and UNR 129-Size regulations. Knowing that the car seat passed these regulations would be able to assure you that they would perform the best under extreme duress.