Battery Deployment: The Need For Grid-Scale Batteries

Energy storage has now come in the form of grid-scale batteries with a 4.6 percent increase from 2017. This statistic itself shows which direction the market is swinging. Though countries may have their own energy policies regarding this form of energy storage, battery deployment is making its presence felt as a very efficient method of saving any excess energy.

Soak Up All That Excess Energy

Solar power has taken its place as a dominant form of renewable energy. The steady increase in the power produced by Solar energy means that there will be times when excessive energy is produced and wasted. Battery deployment is the utilization of using special batteries used to store any extra power produced by Solar power. This would ensure that no energy is wasted and this means that the power grid would have a backup source of energy to count on. Many countries have seen the benefit it holds. A steady supply of power with no interruptions is something very much needed in today’s ever-growing industrial world.

Government Incentives

Governments all around the world have given their approval for the use of battery deployment. They took it a step further by introducing incentives and subsidies for corporates and power grids using the same. South Korea is a prime example and made huge strides in this field in 2017 with increasing their storage capacity to about 410 megawatts. This was of course influenced by government imposed “discounts” for the rate of electricity for companies and industries who took the effort to implement this technology. Countries like Australia have greatly improved in deployment technology as the prices of the batteries themselves have come down. The government has changed its policies over the same after reviewing the solutions it could offer in the face of any energy shortages. Further information on how Australia has moved in this direction would be available on Manufacturing companies that produce these kinds of batteries have seen a large potential market in Australia and many other countries leading to a blow-out in this particular industry as well due to the high demand.

The Energy Storage Industry

Since it’s inception in the 2000’s the energy storage industry has faced its question marks and skepticism  especially when it came to battery deployment, but no one seems to be questioning it now. As this form of storage coupled with renewable types of energy generation like solar power has really taken the field of energy to a whole new level. There is a debate as to whether this is a universal answer to energy problems as different countries would have different capacities when considering increasing their storage growth. Demographics would vary, legal frameworks and geographic conditions would apply. Car manufacturers would love to invest in this technology, as energy storage devices provide a never-ending supply of electricity so this would be ideal for operations and very reliable as well. Battery deployment only has a fixed start-up cost and can be very beneficial in the long-run. It is not influenced by such things like the adverse weather in supplying power and makes sure you use every ounce of energy generated while minimizing the wastage. After all “Waste not, Want not.”