How to Make Your Commercial Building More Client-Friendly?

Building a good rapture with your clients is an important step when it comes to helping your business succeed. Making your office client friendly is part of that. Here’s what you need to do.

A safe and nearby parking space for their convenience

If there is one thing everyone hates, it’s having to park your car at a distance, simply because the place you were heading to do have adequate parking facilities. Not only is it unsafe, but it also becomes very frustrating if left out in the open. You will be returning to a heated and uncomfortable vehicle. If it’s not possible for you to move to a building that has its own parking lot, then consider hiring out an empty parking lot in the neighbourhood. Make sure it’s safe, with security cameras and a security at the entrance. If it’s an open park, then install supreme shades to solve this issue.

An efficient front desk

Your front desk is, by all means, the first people your clients meet from your office. In other words, they represent you. If they are untidy and inefficient, this could reflect badly on you, and you would miss the business opportunity before it even came to your desk. Giving them a thorough training is essential, so they know exactly how you wish them to treat your clients. Stress that keeping them happy until you take over is part of their job.

Regulated temperature within your commercial building

In a work environment, people can be a little strangely specific about the temperature. This is mostly due to the fact that different temperature plays out differently, when it comes to affecting their work. Some prefer working in a cooler temperature, while others wish its warmer. Despite this, it’s important that you regulate the air conditioner so it holds a study temperature in the guest seating area. As a policy, you must avoid keeping your client waiting. But at least, if they have to wait, they don’t have to do so while they melt.

Comfortable seating arrangements

Just like a steady air temperature is to see to the comfort of your client, being specific about the comfort level of your guest seating arrangements is also important. This is for the waiting area, as well as the conference area. If your meetings are going to be in the privacy of your office, then we suggest you get a comfy couch in there if you have the space. Why is it necessary? Some people respond better to informal settings; something which is a little hard to achieve if you are seated across from each other, with a desk between you.

Refreshments while they wait

This is not common practice. However, it will be beneficial to you. If something important pops up just as your client arrives, or you need to push back the meeting for a few minutes, we suggest you let your client know about your emergency state. Serving them refreshments (along with the comfortable seating and the air conditioner) plays a great part in keeping them calm until you are ready to meet them.