Redesign Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Contemporary

Tired of the old and drab look of your home? Then try one of the below interior design ideas that might improve the overall looks of your home:

Choose a Light Wall Colour by Add Accents

A light wall colour is quite traditional. To improve the existing looks, complement the wall colour with bright accents. You can add accents with furniture upholstery, ornaments, or sofa cushions in the room. Don’t match the colour of the furniture with wall paint colour. That would make your living room traditional. But do accents in a related but bright colour as suggested.

Install Sliding Doors Instead

Aim high and choose glass sliding doors to improve several aspects of your home. These doors can save space in your home and make rooms brighter. In addition to all this, these types of doors have wonderful potential to make your home look very modern and contemporary. Sliding doors are an exotic-type of style statement. But these days’ companies can make them look like just about anything you want.

Make the Floor Colourful

Most homeowners love to keep the floor in a neutral colour this is the classic approach. Choose an earthy tone for the flooring material to add a modern touch. The exception would be carpet. Keep the carpet colour white or light to make the overall room look contemporary.

Minimalism is Hip

Those homes decorated to the hilt are what grandmothers used to do. The contemporary look favours exactly the opposite. Make your home superbly contemporary by keeping the overall design minimalist. That means limited number of furniture, nothing cluttering up countertops, and minimal number of decorations. Minimalism will make your home easy to clean, too.

Add Mirrors to Rooms

Mirrors are usually used to make rooms look bigger. Mirrors can also be a great tool to make your home look reflective and posh inside. Add mirrors to improve upon the existing looks, especially in high traffic areas like the living room.

Get Rid of Walls and Design Multipurpose Rooms

Nothing screams modernity than a kitchen and living room combo. Some apartments get rid of walls to improve space. But in your home, creating multipurpose rooms is the best way to add a touch of contemporary interior design. Multipurpose rooms where the walls are absent create vast, open spaces right inside your home. This is one of the best-known ways to make the home look less traditional.

Upgrade the Furniture

Get rid of your old furniture and replace with new ones that come in funky designs. New furniture all have built-in storage so you don’t to worry about storage issues. New furniture comes in bright colours and curvy shapes that will make your home look like it came right out of a modern interior design magazine.

Using the above changes will make your home look absolutely new and chic. Basically, what you have to look for mainly is colour and style. Keep colours bright, earthy, or light to embrace contemporary designs. Look up new interior design magazines for even more ideas. Usually, simple fixes like the ones suggested above will help more than expensive ones.