Why You Should Invest In Jewellry (Even If You Only Wear Them For Special Occasions)?

“Diamonds are Forever” may be too clichéd to describe diamonds as a symbol for everlasting love. But when it comes to solid and eternal financial stability, the top quality jewelry deserves much recognition. If there’s one item that is safe to hoard and easy to get profit with, that is jewelry. Just like real estate land, the more you keep it for a long duration of time, the more its value gets high. So if you are looking for something to invest your money with, considering jewelry is a good choice. Here’s why.

The Value Of Gold Jewelry Does Not Decrease, It Continuously Increases As Time Passes

Compared to other assets with values that depreciates over time, jewelry, especially gold ones are worth keeping as its value keeps on increasing. The amount of gold pieces depends on the purity of the gold. In which, the 24-karat gold means it is 99.9% pure gold and is the highest measure regarding the purity of the gold. However, this measurement is rare to find in jewelry because it has low density.  It is soft and pliable which makes it often used in electronics that includes hearing aid. Another factor that determines the value of gold jewelry is based on the people who designed the gold accessories. Classic jewelry tends to price higher than the designs that are available in the market today.

Top Quality Jewelry Is Made To Last

If you are going to invest in jewelry you should look at the collections of certified jewellers Melbourne who are highly trusted. Most of them have the classic pieces that are worth investing due to its design and the quality of materials used. To ensure that the jewelry will last, top designers use high-quality metals such as silver, platinum, titanium, and palladium.

Jewelry Never Goes Out Of Style

Jewelry is the only fashionable accessories that are always trendy. You can pair it to any clothing you have. Sometimes, fashion gurus make use of jewelry as part of their signature look. Even feng-shui experts highly recommend wearing at least one or two gold jewelry pieces to attract riches and good luck. That is because gold jewelry bears the sun’s positive energy (yang) that are more potent in great magnetizing wealth.

Jewelry Is A Good Source Of Emergency Fund

If ever you are facing financial difficulties, your jewelry can be the source of your emergency fund as this can be easily sold or pawned. Although some jewelry shop would only offer 70% of the value of the pieces as cash, this could still help you with your financial situation. To get better deals, you can also seek independent dealers who buy and sells jewelry, especially the antique pieces.

These are some of the reasons why you should give investing in jewelry a try. Not only can wear these beautiful pieces during special occasions, but you can also make money out of it during emergencies. And to get the best value of your pieces, you should only have your valuable accessories appraised by reputable jewelers.