Improve Warehouse Packing With These Handy Methods

To dive into this topic, first, you need to know what order picking is. Simply put, this is the process of picking out items to pack into an order. In other words, you are tapping into the warehouse inventory for delivery. Provided the warehouse is an organised one, this should actually be quite simple to do since things should typically be in order and easy to identify when needed for orders. In particularly advanced warehouses, warehouse robots get these jobs done instead, although this is an admittedly elite way of doing the same job! Take a look at the following method to help improve the packing process that follows picking.

Have the Materials in Stock

Different products require different types of packing, which in turn means that the packing supplied needed vary accordingly. As an efficient company and warehouse, you should ideally have a stock of these materials at hand at all times. It is the responsibility of the warehouse manager or supervisor, to ensure that there are no discrepancies here at any point. If there are and a last-minute order comes through but there are no packing supplies, there is a problem at hand. Have an automated system to warn you when you are running out.

Be Organised

This might seem so basic, but because it is, people tend to become lax about it after a while. This is the worst thing you can do in a warehouse environment actually. You should be meticulously organised consistently, and to do so, you can implement a few strategies that will help you work towards this on a daily basis. You need to invest in seemingly trivial yet actually very important things like address label sheets for instance, which again you need to keep a well-replenished stock of. Whatever label your products need, should be stacked upon at all times.

Inventory Organisation

This is another part of being organised, and this time it is to do with the inventory. For example, an efficient option is to stock all the fast-moving products in easily accessible places, and the rest at the back. That way, when you need to access the stock you will not have such a hard time looking for it. Even in a hurry, you will be able to attend to your customers’ orders in a timely and efficient manner, which is what they are looking for. If your inventory is not organised, the whole thing will fall apart.

Expand When Necessary

Obviously, if your company is successful and growing, then that means your process is too. You then need to invest in more manpower and equipment, to help meet the requirements of the business. If you delay this for too long, you will have a mountain of problems tumbling upon themselves. You need ample warehouse space for people to be able to work not just efficiently, but also inhumane conditions. It can be difficult to work long, arduous hours at warehouses, so you need to do your best to make the environment a less torturous one. Expand when your company is showing signs of growth, and support your employees accordingly.