3 Signs You Have Picked the Wrong Agent in Real Estate

It is not always your fault that your home has not yet attracted an interested buyer. After all, if you have studied the market, refurbished the property and put up a decent asking price, what seems to be the trouble then? Is your agent doing a proper job though? Perhaps it is time to do some reconsidering there.

Down below, we have compile three dead giveaways of a good-for-nothing agent who does not have your best interests at heart and is extremely unlikely to help you make a decent sale. Unfortunately, there are some such agents out there and they should be identified and avoided at all costs. Else, they could affect your chances quite badly.

Lack of Communication

Communication on a regular basis is a must between agents and their clients. Even if it has been a while since the last caller or no new properties have been listed that you might be interested in, your agent still owes you regular updates on any progress or lack of progress being made on your situation. It is important that your agent matches up to the same level of urgency and enthusiasm of your sale or purchase as you are.

Too Much In Agreement

Do not let your real agent agreeing with everything you say flatter you blind. As a person who is more qualified and experienced in the field than you are, they should be able point out ways of doing things better or disagreeing with your policy where it is not likely to work out. Do not take your agent at their word about everything regarding the sale. Insist that they produce valid evidence to back themselves up so you know they are not fibbing. A real estate agent that seems to know no more about the market than you do is not someone to be working with as a business partner.

They Are Not Giving It Absolutely Everything

A good agent will try every trick in the book to achieve the best possible sale you can get. However, there is the odd agent who could not care less about your home even being on sale. Say you are trying to sell a house Pakenham, Victoria. When it comes to real estate agents Pakenham has no shortage of competent individuals who can pull off a sale for you. Ideally, your agent should be active in promoting your home to a wide audience by planting pictures and appealing descriptions of it in any free space available around the neighbourhood. They should be doing everything from online posters to hard copy flyers. If they seem like they are either going to sell your home or die trying they are totally worth hiring and working with on a sale.

Of course, less vigorous efforts are still enough to attract the attention of potential buyers but the fact that your agent is going full out is a sign of their devotion to serving you well.


Make sure none of these behaviours are present in your agent and should have no worries on their part in helping close a good sale.