How to Set Up a Modern, Streamlined Home with Ease

Though modern homes are now a common feature in this day and age, they are not as easy as one might imagine to set up. That is mainly because once you get down to it, you will come up with various complications and challenges that may at times make you feel like a mud hut somewhere would be a better option. However, so long as you are armed with the right tips and hopefully some professional help, you will be able to conquer this. Plus, you will also feel quite chuffed with yourself when it is all done and looks enviable. Here are a few such tips to help you get started on your journey.

Draw Your Floor Plan

As much as you may have expected to dive straight into the fun stuff like interior décor and rugs from Morocco, the first order of affairs is considerably less glamorous. In fact, it has everything to do with architecture than interior designing, but as you will soon find out, is the first step in helping you achieve your modern home. Did you know that you can easily pick out a traditional home from a modern one simply by looking at the floor plan? Modern home floor plans tend to be more organized, are more straightforward, and have clear symmetry.

Open Things Up

The concept here is quite simple, and key to giving your home its distinct modern face: open up your rooms. In other words, avoid the ‘boxed-in’ effect that traditional homes tend to have, where each room is clearly distinct and separate from one another. Modern homes are more fluid, and are all about openness. The best way to go about this is to facilitate open spaces by letting the rooms flow into each other. So think dining room, living room and kitchen for instance. Bedrooms cannot really be merged with other areas as well, so those can be left on their own. Once you have this mapped out, you can look at the right coffee tables and other paraphernalia to include accordingly.

Go Easy On the Colour

You can go for an accent wall for instance if you are the sort of person who likes a splash of colour in your home, but that is about it. Modern homes are all about simplicity and minimalism so going for vibrant shades right round will not achieve this look. Think neutral palettes, for both your furniture and walls. If you are using hardwood floors, then make sure the type of wood you select is also minimal. You will find that these shades mixed together actually end up looking super elegant and sophisticated, which is what gives those modern homes their effortlessly simple yet chic aura.

Keep It Low

Another intriguing, yet perfectly effective trick in the book where modern homes are concerned; go low. In other words, keep all your furniture and other things like your television at a lower height. Modern furniture is all designed to be low, so if you fix your television too high up, it might be hard for you to watch in comfort. You also do not want your guests to strain their necks. So when decking out your house, make sure you set things up a little lower.