Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Overseas Call Centres

Long gone are the days when people travelled all the way to companies and banks to get their issues sorted. Nowadays, all these problems are resolved via phone calls and text messages. In this busy era, no one has the time to stand in line at the banks to rectify an error. This is why call centres have been on the rise over the past decade. Several companies are attempting to outsource the call centre services in an attempt to reduce the hassle that they have to experience on a daily basis. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using outsourcing the call centres to another country.

Saves Time and Money!

There is no doubt that outsourcing helps save a great deal of money and time as well. When taking factors such as training time and office space, you will notice that outsourcing would be the best option available. Opting for this method will reduce the number of staff members working in the office, thus requiring less space thereby reducing the rental cost per annum. Apart from this, the time and effort spent to train the staff and manage them thereafter, will also be saved. Therefore, opting for a call centre in a different country wherein wages and rents are cheaper would be an ideal option if you are looking to reduce the overall cost of operations within your company.

Helps Provide the Best Service

Certain countries have a working culture that specializes in certain areas. For example, there are a number of call centres in Australia which means that a large amount of the population would have received training when handling calls. This means that these individuals are well-equipped to handle the calls that they receive. So, it’s quite likely that they would be able to handle the calls much better than the staff in your own company. Therefore, the service provided by them could be much better than the one that would be provided in-house, thus ensuring that the customer satisfaction is given top priority.

Lack of Coordination

Quite often, it so happens that the individuals handling the calls have no clue what the customer is talking about. They are trained to give a specific set of answers irrespective of the issue. Therefore, when a customer comes up with a special request the individual handling the call can be clueless. This may occur because the company may find it difficult to keep track of the daily activity that is being outsourced and certain information may not be passed on. Apart from this, there also happens to be a risk of sharing extreme personal information and company data with another company that could prove to have negative consequences in the future.

What might seem like an advantage for one company might seem like a disadvantage to another. Therefore, there is no exact definition of what could be a positive or negative aspect of using an overseas call centre to handle your company’s calls. It all depends on what works for your company and how you choose to look at each factor!