How To Manage A Club Effectively

A club is a circle of people who gathered together due to their common interest. Most clubs are based on hobbies such as sports club or garden club but there are also some that focus on more serious matters such as politics, religion and service club. No matter what type you’re planning to start, managing them is almost the same. If you’re planning on creating your club, here are 5 simple steps to guide you through.

Determine the Objective

When starting a club, you first have to decide what your cause is. If you have co-founders, meet with them and discuss your expectations on the club. You can center it on the most common interest and create a mission statement for the group. Plan in ahead your long-term goals such as offering services, fundraising, and many more. Doing this helps you map out your club structure to meet these goals.

Club Structure

This refers to the organization type, leadership structure and laws of your club. For organization type, you can decide whether the club will be informal such as social/hobbies club or formal such as services club. There are government rules for formal clubs that raise funds for a certain cause. They may qualify as a non-profit organization if they meet certain criteria. Formal clubs also need a governing structure to lead and run the organization. Make sure to state their job descriptions clearly to prevent overlapping of roles. Once you’ve determined the first two, you can now start creating rules and regulations that every member must follow to preserve the association.


After creating the club, it’s time to recruit members. You can have defined membership criteria and restrictions but you can also make membership free for all interested to join. Either way, the goal is to raise the numbers and make the club grow.

Source of Income

Every club needs funds for their expenses in events and maintenance. Set a meeting with the governing body and discuss the potential sources of income to keep your club running.


The key to being a good club manager is engagement. You must maintain connections with your members and promote the association to potential new members. You can do this conveniently with club management systems through your phone or tablet. Choose the best software that fits your club. Aside from connecting with members, you can also manage events and groups with this system. You can also reach out to new members by activating web integration feature that allows you to advertise the club through websites and social media. You can also keep track of records and finance with just a simple tap. Having good club management software makes managing a club easier with lesser errors.

Planning to start a club might be overwhelming at first. With the right knowledge and tools, you can surely achieve an ideal club organization. Integrating technology to club management is a great choice. Aside from making your tasks lighter, they are also affordable which makes even the simplest club managers aim to get one.