Important Security Features to Look for in a Hosting Package

Most people tend to value website hosting packages based on price and bandwidth. But there is one more very important feature to consider: security. If you have been reading the news lately, then you know how rampant cybercrime has become. It seems that no one is really safe. Not only do you need to secure your website to protect your business from cyber criminals, but there should be adequate protection offered from the hosting site as well. Only the hosting provider can keep your server safe and protect sensitive data that passes through it. So, when you buy a hosting package, there are several important key security features to be on the lookout for. Here is a short list:


Any decent web hosting company will have this feature on offer. RAID is a security system that protects files against various cyber attacks. RAID is particularly important because this tool can keep your files safe even if the server crashes. The package you purchase for your website should have servers that have RAID software preinstalled. If not, you can request RAID from the provider. It’s important to note that RAID servers can be a bit expensive. But the price is completely worth it considering the damage stolen data can do (just ask Sony Pictures). You may be able to find providers that offer this feature for an extra fee if not already included in the original package. It’s worth it either way.

Physically Secure Data Centre

The first aspect to look for when purchasing a hosting provider is how secure the server centre is. Even if the provider offers top-notch software protection, it won’t be much use if someone can break into the server room and just download your data. Therefore, look for essential physical security features like guard protection, secure site, diesel power generators in case of an outage, and so on. Also, go with a provider who has data centers in areas that are not prone to things like hurricanes and other natural disasters.

File Backup

Yes, file backup is an essential security feature. Your host should have this feature at the ready. The provider must regularly back up your website files from the server. If there’s an issue, like malware, you should be able to restore your website to a previous version quickly. Also, file backup protects your data. Consider this a security feature you must have and don’t choose a provider that doesn’t offer automatic and routine file backup.


Length of Time Online

The uptime offered by a provider also matters. Uptime is the time your website stays online. Despite popular belief, websites are not online all the time necessarily. That’s because no host can guarantee 100 percent uptime for any site. The close to 100 percent the uptime gets, the better the service provider is. When your site is down, it becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks and malware. When it’s online, it gets firewall and encryption protection. So if the service provider doesn’t offer adequate uptime, find another that does.

The other thing to look for is a manual reboot. If things go south, this will prevent your data from being lost forever. A manual reboot can also remove any bugs or malware. So pay attention to the above list and make sure your site benefits from all the security features listed.