Your Home

You may have just bought a furnished home and that you’ve been meaning to redecorate, or you may just want to update what you have. Either way, there are a few things you can do to make your home look and feel more trendy and stylish. A lot of people love that vintage rustic appearance, but if what you want is something more contemporary, you don’t need to spend a lot to pull it off.

Use a lot of sharp angles and geometric shapes – whether in your choice of furniture or even artwork. Modern art especially uses this in its themes, and you don’t have to buy art pieces when they’re so easy to make. You could even frame prints and hang them up on your walls.

Go for a minimalist look but avoiding overly detailed and intricate decorations. Go for plain colours instead of patterns with upholstery and wallpapers. Rather than using curtains for your windows, try roller blinds, which have a clean and simple look, and you can get them in colours that suit the rest of the room. Keep ornamentation to a minimum too.

Instead of woody furniture, use chromes and metals, or go for PVC type furniture that doesn’t have that plastic look. Metallic seating and tables are very modern-looking, and simplistic too. You can find innovative and unique collections of furniture that will give your home a very Avant Garde feel to it. Just make sure that it’s in keeping with a general theme, or things will look mismatched and out of place.

If you have the dough for it, invest in some high tech gadgets. Nowadays, pretty much anything can be automated, but you needn’t go that far. Voice-activated systems installed, be it alarm or access systems, or even kitchen appliances, these things can make you feel like you’re in the future. And it doesn’t hurt that they help you get things done faster and more conveniently.

Part of minimalist arrangements is to utilize space as much as possible. Space can be used to give off the impression of cleanness, freedom, and even serenity. You would have to have a lot of junk piled up to make a spacious place look untidy! Where there is a lack of space, you can use mirrors to create the illusion of space. Be wary of the placement though, because reflective surfaces can entirely change the way you’ve used light in the different rooms of you house. So make sure you test these things out before hammering in any nails!

It’s always best to consult an expert to see what changes you should make and what materials and colours are suitable. Each house has its own personality, and blending that personality with yours is a job best done by a home decorator. They can also help you figure out how to make the best of your budget and what you already have at your disposal. Moreover, they can help you modernize your home without losing its essence and character.